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One of the most difficult consequences of leaving your hearing loss untreated is the discrimination you feel because you can’t properly sort out what others are saying, making you sound silly when you respond or preventing you from understanding verbal instructions.

Getting help for your hearing loss can reduce the discrimination you are experiencing because of it.

Casitas Springs, CA’s most trusted hearing and balance experts are at West Coast Hearing and Balance Center. Our team of expert audiologists has the experience and expertise to identify and provide solutions to correct conditions related to your ears by providing individualized treatment that will make you more secure so you can enjoy a rewarding and independent style of living.

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Better Hearing Care Comes From A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Being able to hear more clearly allows you to respond properly during conversations or to understand verbal instructions.

The only way you are going to sort out these issues and end unwarranted discrimination related to your hearing challenges is to have your hearing tested in our Ojai, CA clinic.

A comprehensive hearing assessment, which requires a half hour of your time, is the best way for us to personalize your hearing care to fit your unique needs. Besides being easy and non-invasive, we make your test results available during the same visit.

Meeting All Your Needs With Advanced Hearing Technology

When a hearing instrument is the best solution for addressing your hearing challenges, you won’t be considering outdated technology when you make your choice.

Advanced hearing technology means that you have access to lighter, smaller, and more powerful hearing aids with the capability to connect to a variety of digital devices, such as your smartphone, television, or PC, improving your hearing experience and your quality of life.

Hearing aid care for our patients does not end when we fit you with a device, which is why we provide continuing care that includes hearing aid tune-ups, a clean and check service, and hearing aid repair. Even individuals who are not our patients in and around Casitas Springs, CA can take advantage of these services at affordable rates.

Dizziness, Vertigo, And Balance Specialists For Casitas Springs

It’s hard to be confident when you’re unsteady on your feet, which makes leaving your home or engaging in the various activities of your daily routine a significant struggle.

Our audiologists specialize in helping you to gain control over balance-related issues.

Dizziness, vertigo, and balance challenges are most often related to problems in your middle and/or inner ears, threatening to disrupt your sense of security and overall quality of life.

Going Further With Our Hearing Care Services To Meet Your Needs

Regardless of the service we provide — hearing assessment, tinnitus management, or repair services — you can rest easy knowing that we protect your health and safety by adhering to strict sanitation protocols.

When various circumstances make an in-office visit to Ojai unworkable, you can still receive expert hearing care from your home in Casitas Springs, CA by using West Coast Hearing and Balance Center’s virtual appointments.


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What Our Delighted Patients Say

  • This was the most thorough hearing exam I have ever gotten. it went well and I now know exactly what my hearing level is.

    Everyone was very professional and easy to deal with

  • Fast, friendly appt. Very thorough and professional.

    mary kennedy
  • I was not looking forward to having to get new hearing aids, but my whole experience at the Ojai office went very smoothly and Dr Nelson very professional and helpful. Thanks.

    David Allan
  • West Coast Hearing and Balance Center is always 100% helpful, excellent in terms of knowledge and friendly, kind service.

    Pamela Knutson
  • Great experience all around! Set my mother up with a Lyric hearing aid and so far so good. There remain questions about how and if this system will work for her, but Vince was incredibly informative and clear about the various options and is committed to finding the right aid for my mother. A great listener too!

    James McEachen
  • Friendly and efficient staff. Office is clean, equipment is up to date and parking is close by. I appreciated the time Dr. Nelson took in explaining my hearing results and what they meant.

    M. Christine Driggers
  • Excellent, professional service - no pressure to buy - a real audiologist rather than a hearing aid salesman! Lance Nelson was patient and responsive to my needs, and the office boasts an efficient front desk as well as state-of-the-art equipment. I have been wearing hearing aids for more than 35 years, so I have a lot of experience with audiology. My 10-year-old aids needed replacement, and I was delighted to find this office so close to home. My new aids are now on order, and I'll have 45 days to make sure they work well for me.

    Vivian Sudhalter
  • Very nice and friendly staff. Had a pleasant time there.

    Mary Wood