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An inability to communicate well with family, friends, and co-workers due to hearing loss makes going about your daily routine a struggle and strains your relationships.

However, you can restore your relationships and make it easier to continue the rewarding and independent lifestyle you enjoy by getting help from a hearing care expert.

At West Coast Hearing and Balance Center, you can look forward to hearing care provided by the most trusted hearing and balance experts near Moorpark, CA and nearby communities. Our team of audiologists focuses our experience and expertise on helping each of our patients continue to live an active and rewarding lifestyle by providing an accurate diagnosis for ear-related health challenges and personalized care that meet your unique needs and lifestyle circumstances.

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A Hearing Assessment Leads To Personalized Hearing Care

Asking others to repeat themselves or failure to follow verbal instructions because you don’t hear what others are saying is a devastating consequence of hearing loss.

Reversing the effects of poor communication begins with a hearing assessment designed to identify the specific type and severity of your condition in order to provide hearing care that addresses your needs.

Within 30 minutes, which is how long it takes for a hearing assessment in our Simi Valley clinic, our audiologist can identify the type and severity of your hearing loss in order to custom design a personal hearing care plan that meets your unique hearing care needs and personal preferences.

Advanced Hearing Technology To Amplify Your Life

When the right solution to your hearing challenges involves fitting you with a hearing instrument, you’ll have the added peace of mind from knowing that we provide you with access to the most advanced hearing aid technology available.

Smaller, lighter, more powerful, and with a wide range of digital connectivity and sound processing features, modern hearing aids destroy the outdated stigma attached to wearing them.

Unlike the majority of hearing aid dispensers, West Coast Hearing and Balance Center includes ongoing follow-up hearing care as a part of our commitment to our patients by including services, such as hearing aid tune-ups, clean and check services, and hearing aid repair, which we also extend to non-patients in the Moorpark community.

Moorpark's Dizziness, Vertigo, And Balance Specialists

Leaving your home to carry on with your normal daily routine or in order to take advantage of the attractions available in and around the Moorpark area can be an overwhelming struggle whenever you’re not feeling steady on your feet.

Dizziness, vertigo, and balance challenges relate to conditions affecting your ears.

Our audiologists specialize in helping you to regain control over your balance so your independence and confidence are no longer limited by feeling out of balance.

Doing What It Takes To Meet All Your Hearing Care Needs

Regardless of the services you take advantage of at West Coast Hearing and Balance Center, you can rest easy knowing that we follow strict sanitation protocols during every consultation in order to protect your health and safety.

Consequently, whenever attending an in-office appointment becomes a challenge, for whatever reason, individuals in the Moorpark area can have access to one of our hearing care experts in our Simi Valley clinic by using our virtual appointment service.


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