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Feeling used up or less confident in your ability to carry out the various parts of your daily routine is a common consequence related to hearing loss.

Your hearing challenges need not have such a devastating effect on your self-esteem if you seek the help of a hearing care expert who is able to restore your hearing capacity as well as your rewarding and independent lifestyle.

West Coast Hearing and Balance Center is where you will find the most trusted hearing and balance experts near Port Hueneme, CA and the surrounding areas. Our team of audiologists is eager to help each of our patients continue living an active and rewarding lifestyle through accurate diagnosis and treatment of ear-related health challenges, and we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

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A Hearing Assessment Is The First Step To Better

Low self-esteem, which leads to depression, self-isolation, and social phobias, is a common warning sign associated with hearing loss.

The only way to be sure that hearing loss is the cause and to get the help you need is to allow an audiologist to test your hearing and set up a treatment plan capable of producing better hearing.

The 30 minutes it takes to complete a hearing assessment in our Oxnard, CA clinic is a critical part of identifying the type and severity of your hearing loss so that our hearing care expert can develop a custom hearing care plan to meet your unique needs.

Advanced Hearing Technology Gives Your Hearing A Boost

Whenever your treatment plan includes the use of a hearing aid, we’ve got you covered with some of today’s most advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers.

Unlike the bulky, ugly gadgets your parents or grandparents wore, modern hearing aids are streamlined, more powerful, and can connect to your smartphone, television, computer, and other digital devices to give your hearing and your lifestyle a boost.

In contrast to hearing aid dispensers, West Coast Hearing and Balance Center provides ongoing follow-up hearing care to our hearing aids patients with hearing aid tune-ups, clean and check services, and hearing aid repair, a service we extend to non-patients in the Port Hueneme community.

Port Hueneme's Dizziness, Vertigo, And Balance Specialists

Leaving your home in order to engage in the various activities of your daily routine or to take advantage of the attractions in and around Port Hueneme is a struggle whenever you’re feeling unsteady on your feet.

Dizziness, vertigo, and balance challenges are usually ear-related conditions.

Our doctors of audiology specialize in helping you to gain control over balance-related difficulties that limit your independence and confidence.

Doing More To Meet All Of Your Hearing Care Needs

No matter which of our services you require, we also provide for your peace of mind regarding your health and safety by following strict sanitation protocols for every consultation.

Should an in-office consultation be an inconvenience, no matter the reason, Port Hueneme-area residents can have access to one of our West Coast Hearing and Balance Center experts in our Oxnard clinic by using virtual appointments as needed.


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