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All of us have experienced forgetting why we went from one room to another or become distracted and unable to concentrate on a task, but unaddressed hearing loss can limit your ability to concentrate to a greater degree and frequency.

Identifying that you or a loved one is struggling with concentration issues due to hearing loss and getting the help necessary to correct the problem requires a hearing care expert.

Somis, CA’s most trusted hearing and balance experts are eager to address your hearing and balance challenges so you can get back to enjoying the rewarding and independent lifestyle you dream about. The West Coast Hearing and Balance Center team of expert audiologists has the experience and expertise to identify and provide personalized solutions to remove the barriers to a better quality of living by addressing your hearing loss and balance-related challenges.

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The Beginning Of Better Hearing Is A Hearing Assessment

Your inability to concentrate is the result of cognitive decline, which is a common warning sign of hearing loss that often leads to the early onset of dementia.

Interrupting ongoing cognitive decline through better hearing care is a critical step in helping to restore your recall and concentration abilities as well as improve your overall quality of life.

To start your journey to better hearing, we’ll spend about half an hour conducting a hearing assessment in our Camarillo, CA clinic so we can pinpoint your exact type and severity of hearing loss, which we use to develop a personalized hearing care treatment plan.

Making Advanced Hearing Technology Available To You

When the right solution includes fitting you with a hearing instrument, our promise to provide you with advanced hearing technology means you won’t be wearing a bulky, frustrating, and outdated device.

Modern hearing aids are smaller, lighter, more powerful, and include features, such as rechargeable batteries, noise reduction, and the ability to connect to a wide range of digital devices, to enhance your hearing experience and your life.

Ongoing follow-up care is one of the main advantages offered to our hearing aids patients. Our follow-up care includes hearing aid tune-ups, a clean and check service, and hearing aid repair, but we also extend these services to other Somis-area residents who are not our patients at affordable rates.

Dizziness, Vertigo, And Balance Specialists For Somis

Being unsteady on your feet makes it difficult to engage in the various activities of your daily life as well as decreases your confidence to leave your home.

Our doctors of audiology specialize in helping you to regain control over your balance.

Dizziness, vertigo, and balance challenges are often related to damage to your middle and/or inner ears and threaten to limit your capacity to enjoy a rewarding and independent lifestyle.

Going Further With Hearing Care Services That Meet Your Needs

Your health and safety are a top priority to West Coast Hearing and Balance Center regardless of which of our services you require.

We help put you at ease by observing strict sanitation protocols during hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid repair, or any other type of consultation.

Somis-area residents also have access to a Camarillo clinic expert with a virtual appointment whenever circumstances make an in-office consultation unworkable.


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