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When you don’t hear well, you begin to doubt whether you have anything positive to contribute to the people who live around you.

Decreased self-worth is a common consequence of leaving your hearing loss untreated, but you can turn those feeling around by getting the help you need for your hearing challenges from a hearing care expert.

Westlake Village, CA’s most trusted hearing and balance experts are at West Coast Hearing and Balance Center. Our team of expert audiologists has the experience and expertise to identify and provide solutions to correct conditions related to your ears by providing individualized treatments that will make you more secure so you can enjoy a rewarding and independent style of living.

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Better Hearing Care Comes From A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Feelings of low self-worth are a common consequence of not being able to communicate well due to hearing loss.

The capacity to improve your ability to communicate comes through hearing care that addresses your specific type and severity of hearing loss, which can only be identified through a hearing test.

A comprehensive hearing assessment, which requires a half hour of your time, is the best way for us to personalize your hearing care to fit your unique needs. Along with being quick and easy, we’ll make your test results available to you before you leave our Thousand Oaks clinic after your assessment.

Meeting All Your Needs With Advanced Hearing Technology

When a hearing instrument is the best solution for addressing your hearing challenges, you won’t be considering outdated technology when you make your choice.

Advanced hearing technology means that you have access to lighter, smaller, and more powerful hearing aids with the capability to connect to a variety of digital devices, such as your smartphone, television, or PC, improving your hearing experience and your quality of life.

Hearing aid care for our patients does not end when we fit you with a device, which is why we provide continuing care that includes hearing aid tune-ups, a clean and check service, and hearing aid repair. Even individuals who are not our patients in and around Westlake Village, CA can take advantage of these services at affordable rates.

Dizziness, Vertigo, And Balance Specialists For Westlake Village

It’s hard to be confident when you’re unsteady on your feet, which makes leaving your home or engaging in the various activities of your daily routine a significant struggle.

Our audiologists specialize in helping you to gain control over balance-related issues.

Dizziness, vertigo and balance challenges are most often related to problems in your middle and/or inner ears, threatening to disrupt your sense of security and overall quality of life.

Going Further With Our Hearing Care Services To Meet Your Needs

Regardless of the service we provide — hearing assessment, tinnitus management, or repair services — you can rest easy knowing that we protect your health and safety by adhering to strict sanitation protocols.

When various circumstances make an in-office visit in Thousand Oaks unworkable, you can still receive expert hearing care from your home in Hidden Village, CA by using West Coast Hearing and Balance Center’s virtual appointments.


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What Our Delighted Patients Say

  • I am very impressed with the level and quality of service. All my questions were answered and addressed.

    Mike Roth
  • Yes me and my mom was very pleased with our meeting . They said a lot of information to us about the different earing aids available to us. Hailey was nice to my mom and mom liked her very much. Thank You Hailey !

    Rita Valdivia
  • The doctors and support staff are very professional, attentive, patient, thorough and funny. I wish all of my doctors office experiences were like the ones I have with this office every time I’m there! They are in the same office as my ENT, and are just a wonderful group of folks.

    Brady McPhail
  • I was treated kindly and efficiently. The staff is knowledgeable and the follow through is great!

    Ruth Shaw
  • I love the working method of Dr. Jaesung Lee! He is very thorough, methodical, and he doesn't jump to conclusions: he always wants to see quantitative data (test results) before he'll move to the next step of treatment. Also, good social skills and he'll look you in your eye when he talks to you.

    Ray Rubenstein
  • This is in response to Bruce K's negative 1 star Google review of West Coast Hearing & Balance Center in Thousand Oaks. Dear Bruce, Dr Wareham is not part of West Coast Hearing & Balance Center. He is part of a different company called West Coast ENT. Although we are in the same building, we are a separate company. Thank you. Carissa Bennett, AuD

    Carissa Bennett
  • Always pleasant to deal with, the front office, back office, audiologist, and certainly the physician’s.

    The best outcome for me the patient is their ultimate goal, the positive attitude in evaluating the issue is very reassuring.

    My primary physician only recommends West Coast Hearing.