Starkey Hearing Aids

Following the simple philosophy “Hear better. Live better,” and with the acquisition of the Starkey Labs earmold company in 1970, William Austin began to apply his expertise in hearing aid repair to the design and production of Starkey hearing aids.

Making use of an aggressive marketing strategy designed to target an elite market, Starkey became a world-renowned hearing aid manufacturer almost overnight.

Notable world leaders able to attest to the benefits of better hearing thanks to their Starkey hearing aids include five US presidents, two popes, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela.

A commitment to making it possible to connect hearing aids to the iPhone allowed Starkey to further distinguish itself in the hearing aid manufacturing industry and led to breakthroughs in AI sound processing technology.

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Processing Technology by Starkey

Starkey’s technological breakthrough in AI sound processing helped the company become a 21st-century leader in AI technology, which continues to grow in the pursuit of providing naturally clear sound processing.

An application of their AI innovations is its use in analyzing the acoustic environment as a person moves from one location to another, in order to detect changes and make automatic adjustments to the sound profile, and then deliver improved speech intelligibility to the hearing aid wearer.

AStarkey Hearing Aid Model

Features of Starkey Hearing Aids

  • Tap control and other cutting-edge input technologies to easily make adjustments
  • Language translation, fall detection, and alerts from information gathered by hearing aids
  • Tracking and sharing of physical activity, cognitive health information
  • Streaming capabilities to improve speech clarity while talking on the phone or improve sound quality of music and audio
  • Choice of traditional disposable or rechargeable battery models
  • Ability to connect hearing aids directly to any iPhone
  • The Thrive Care app allows the user to receive ongoing counseling, remote programming support, and more from their hearing care provider or the manufacturer from any location with an internet connection

West Coast Hearing and Balance Center’s Patient-Focused Hearing Care

Many people believe that better hearing is all about the technology you use to address your hearing challenges. In reality, advanced prescription hearing aids from Starkey are tools we use to improve your hearing, but the more important part of achieving a lifetime of better hearing is partnering with the right team of audiologists.

For over 20 years, West Coast Hearing and Balance Center has partnered with thousands of individuals in Oxnard, CA, and nearby communities to offer the highest level of hearing healthcare, with meticulous best practices to accurately diagnose their hearing challenges as well as start an ongoing journey that includes better hearing, reconnecting with loved ones, and enjoying a more active and independent lifestyle.

Providing each patient with the best possible outcomes to address their unique hearing needs, preferences, and lifestyle has helped us earn the trust of individuals, organizations, and physicians throughout Ventura County. By partnering with major hearing aid manufacturers like Starkey, Unitron, Widex, Oticon, and more, we’re able to provide our patients with a variety of hearing technology solutions from which to choose.

If advanced technology hearing aids are the best solution to overcome your hearing challenges and help you achieve better hearing, use the adjacent form to contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our hearing aid experts in the Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, or Camarillo, CA, center nearest you.

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