Tinnitus, the perception of noise or ringing in the ears, affects millions worldwide, significantly impacting quality of life. Traditional treatments have offered relief to some, yet many people continue to search for a more effective solution.

Enter Lenire: a groundbreaking approach to tinnitus treatment that offers new hope and real results.

What Is Lenire?

Lenire is an innovative tinnitus treatment device developed by Neuromod Devices Ltd., marking a significant advancement in the field of audiology. This noninvasive therapy combines auditory and somatosensory stimulation to target the brain’s neural pathways, aiming to reduce the severity and distress caused by tinnitus.

Unlike traditional treatments, Lenire addresses the root cause of tinnitus by leveraging the brain’s natural plasticity, fostering a new way for patients to perceive and manage their condition.

Why Is Lenire Groundbreaking?

1. Dual Stimulation:

Lenire is the first of its kind to utilize bimodal neuromodulation, combining sound therapy delivered through headphones with tactile stimulation applied to the tongue. This dual approach is designed to encourage the brain to reorganize the way it processes sound, potentially diminishing the perceived intensity of tinnitus over time.

2. Personalized Treatment:

Recognizing that tinnitus experiences are highly individual, Lenire offers personalized treatment plans. Each patient’s therapy is tailored based on their specific symptoms and needs, enhancing the potential for effective relief.

3. Clinical Validation:

Lenire’s introduction to the market is backed by rigorous clinical trials demonstrating its effectiveness. In landmark studies, a significant proportion of users reported improvement in their tinnitus symptoms, validating Lenire as a promising solution for those seeking relief.

4. Ease of Use:

The Lenire device is designed for patient convenience, allowing users to administer their treatment in the comfort of their own homes. Its user-friendly interface and the ability to adjust treatment parameters empower patients to take an active role in managing their condition.

Lenire at West Coast Hearing & Balance Center

West Coast Hearing & Balance Center is proud to be among the first in the United States to offer Lenire. Led by Dr. Roselynn Plevack, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive tinnitus evaluations and personalized Lenire treatment plans.

Our commitment to employing the latest advancements in audiology ensures that our patients have access to the most effective tinnitus management options available today.

Be Among the First to Experience Lenire

Lenire represents a paradigm shift in tinnitus treatment, offering a novel, noninvasive option for those struggling with this challenging condition. Its innovative approach, combined with personalized treatment plans and proven clinical effectiveness, positions Lenire as a groundbreaking solution in the quest for tinnitus relief.

Are you ready to experience the difference Lenire can make in your tinnitus management? Contact West Coast Hearing & Balance Center today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Roselynn Plevack.

Discover how Lenire’s advanced technology can offer you the relief you’ve been searching for.

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Gregory PhD, AuD, CCC-A, ABA, NBC-HIS

Dr. Gregory Frazer entered private practice Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing in 1982. For 14 years he owned and operated Hearing Care Associates, which had 23 offices and was one of the largest audiology private practices in the U.S. Dr. Frazer is a well-known clinician and teacher, and was the first audiologist to obtain dual doctorates in Audiology, both a PhD. in Audiology as well as the new Clinical Doctorate of Audiology, the AuD.