Imagine going about your day with a relentless buzzing noise in your ears, trying to get work done while your ears are ringing or going to bed at night to the roaring noise that doesn’t go away.

For 25 million adults in the US, that ever-present noise is very real – tinnitus is often caused by hearing loss, noise exposure, or viral illness. It can be incredibly stressful and frustrating to deal with, and so far, tinnitus has no cure.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to treat tinnitus.

​Lenire at West Coast Hearing & Balance Centers

We’re excited to offer Lenire, the latest FDA approved tinnitus treatment that’s making waves across the nation. This innovative device started in Europe and is now available to us in the US, representing a new hope for those with tinnitus symptoms looking for help.

Lenire combines sound stimulation with gentle tongue stimulation, working to retrain the brain’s perception of tinnitus so that those suffering from it learn not to focus on it. So far, Lenire has provided significant relief for hundreds of people.

Clinical Trials and Success Stories

Singer-songwriter Victoria Banks from Nashville, Tennessee, is one of many impressive success stories of those fortunate enough to try Lenire.

Banks developed tinnitus three years ago – she described the noise in her ears sounding similar to “a bunch of cicadas.” When traditional treatments and dietary supplements offered no relief, she found Lenire and decided to try it out.

She sought out the help of an expert audiologist who adopted Lenire early after seeing impressive clinical trial successes. The trials showed that 84% of participants saw a noticeable reduction in their tinnitus symptoms, so Banks decided to try the Lenire device for an hour each day over a 12-week period.

Lenire consists of a plastic mouthpiece with stainless steel electrodes that stimulate the tongue, while the attached headphones play soothing tones and ocean wave sounds. With this dual-approach method, the brain’s focus is shifted from the tinnitus noise, which eventually makes the noise less prominent and noticeable.

The Principle behind Lenire

Lenire works with the brain’s natural ability to prioritize important information; as tinnitus often dominates the individual’s thoughts, Lenire’s combination of tongue and auditory stimulation helps redirect this focus.

With our practice, we give each patient considering Lenire a personalized treatment journey that works best for their specific needs.

  1. Comprehensive Consultation: We’ll determine if Lenire is the right treatment path for you after a thorough evaluation of your hearing and tinnitus symptoms.
  2. Tailored Fitting Experience: In order to match your specific tinnitus profile, we’ll fit the device’s settings to what you need most.
  3. Guided Usage and Adjustments: We offer detailed instructions and ongoing support as you navigate your Lenire treatment.
  4. Ongoing Support: Our team will ensure regular check-ins on your progress to make sure that Lenire is still working well for you.

Please note that Lenire is currently not covered by insurance and is priced at around $5,000. Many users, including Victoria Banks, can attest to the investment being worthwhile and citing many improvements in their quality of life.

The Future of Tinnitus Treatment with West Coast Hearing & Balance Center

We are among some of the select clinics across America that are trained to offer Lenire. We’re happy to discuss the treatment options with you if you’d like to try this groundbreaking new device.

For questions about hearing care, or to learn more about Lenire, please feel free to schedule a hearing test to consult with an audiologist. Alternatively, for a more immediate conversation, please call us at your nearest office:

Thousand Oaks: (805) 379-0824
Simi Valley: (805) 583-8698
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Camarillo: (805) 484-5951

See If Lenire Could Work for You

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Lance Nelson, AuD, CCC-A

Dr. Lance Nelson graduated with his AuD from Purdue University in 2010. He worked at Spokane ENT Associates, Lafayette ENT Associates, and at the Lafayette Otolaryngology Associates. Dr. Nelson is experienced in working with infants, children, and adults is Board Certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a Fellow of the California Academy of Audiology. His research on Digital Noise Reduction was published in 2009. He is fluent in Spanish. His hobbies are ocean sports, running, and music.