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What Do Members Say About Partnering with
West Coast Hearing and Balance Center?

Lucie's story


“I remember feeling confused at the prospect of having a hearing loss. I had so many preconceived ideas about visiting an audiologist but my experience with West Coast Hearing & Balance Center has been 10 out of 10. The staff were very professional and friendly and put my mind at ease. The great news was that we found out I didn’t need hearing aids after all! If you’re struggling with or unsure if you have a hearing loss then definitely visit West Coast Hearing & Balance Center!”

– Lucie M


“My hearing loss was getting worse over time and I got to the point where I just wanted to hear better again. My impression of West Coast Hearing & Balance Center was that they were competent and knew what they were doing. I’d say to anyone thinking of having a hearing test to just go for it. I’m so pleased I did. Thanks to my hearing aids, I can hear again and go about my life.”

– Murray R

Murray's story


“I realized that I might have a hearing loss when my family and friends started having to repeat themselves and frequently told me I had the TV volume up too loud. The thought that put me off booking an appointment was the fear of how much it would cost. When I got there, Dr.Nelson put my fears to rest and made me feel very relaxed. Now that I have my new hearing aids, I feel great and can hear so much better. I would recommend West Coast Hearing & Balance Center to anyone considering getting their hearing checked!”

– Barbara V


“The pivotal moment when I realized I had a hearing loss came when my boss asked me if I was ok after my work colleagues reported that I wouldn’t respond to them on occasions. I knew I had trouble hearing certain people and having the TV volume up a little louder but I was only 34. I felt embarrassed and worried. My fears were mainly based around the thought of needing hearing aids at a young age and the stigma surrounding it but hearing aids have drastically changed my life! The staff at West Coast Hearing & Balance Center were so kind and knowledgeable. They put my fears to rest and helped me find the hearing aid that was right for me. I can now hear at work and school, I no longer avoid situations where I might have trouble hearing and I am so much happier and more confident. If you think you have a hearing loss just go for the test and see where you are. Get the hearing aids and try them out – your confidence and relationships will blossom! I highly recommend West Coast Hearing & Balance Center”

– Anon

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