Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

Advanced Prescription Hearing Aid Technology Along With Proven Expertise

Although hearing technology is only part of the jigsaw of achieving better hearing, it’s the part that holds many people back from taking a positive step in the right direction.

That’s because, when most of us think about prescription hearing aids, an image of those bulky, ugly contraptions our grandparents wore come to mind. However, today’s prescription hearing aids are nothing like they were a couple of decades past.

Innovations in micro-digital technology allow modern prescription hearing aids to feature a streamlined design, much lighter weight, more intuitive user interaction, and are so discrete that most people will never know that you wear them. In fact, many of our patients share how their friends or loved ones have never even noticed them.

client being shown hearing aid technology

Advanced hearing aid technology supports a wide range of connectivity and streaming options due to the integration of Bluetooth technology. Using your smartphone, it is now possible to discretely fine-tune your hearing aids, enhance the clarity of telephone conversations, provide a richer television or movie experience, and optimize their performance.

Troubleshooting and performance adjustments from your audiologist, through remote assistance, are also possible regardless of where you are located.

Anyone can sell you an advanced technology hearing aid, but there’s more involved in hearing aid selection than amplification and style.

West Coast Hearing guides you through the process of selecting the hearing instrument that best meets your specific needs such as the degree of your hearing loss, power and options requirements, your manual dexterity, cosmetic, and other factors relating to your lifestyle and personal preferences.

The Different Styles of Prescription Hearing Aids

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