West Coast Hearing Presents Lenire: Advanced Tinnitus Treatment

Revolutionizing Tinnitus Management: Introducing Lenire at West Coast Hearing

We at West Coast Hearing, guided by the expertise of Dr. Roselynn Plevack, are thrilled to introduce Lenire, the innovative tinnitus treatment that’s making waves across Europe and now the United States. This groundbreaking approach offers hope and relief to those grappling with tinnitus.

A woman during tinnitus therapy with Lenire®
Dr. Roselynn Plevack, AuD, Lenire® specialist at West Coast Hearing and Balance Center

Meet Dr. Roselynn Plevack—Leading the Way in Tinnitus Treatment

Dr. Roselynn Plevack, a distinguished audiologist, received her doctorate from Arizona State University. With a comprehensive background in audiological evaluations and a passion for patient care, Dr. Plevack is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge treatments like Lenire.

Her commitment to excellence ensures that each patient’s journey to better hearing is supported by expertise and compassion.

How Does Lenire Transform Tinnitus Management?

Lenire combines advanced sound therapy with gentle tongue stimulation. This dual approach aims to retrain the brain’s perception of tinnitus, providing a noninvasive solution to this challenging condition.

Lenire wireless headphones

Customized Sound Therapy

Using high-quality Bluetooth headphones, Lenire delivers personalized soundscapes that stimulate the auditory pathway.

Lenire Tonguetip ™

Tongue Stimulation

The innovative Tonguetip device comfortably fits in the mouth, emitting gentle energy pulses to the tongue, tapping into the brain’s natural plasticity.

This treatment is managed through a user-friendly controller, allowing patients to adjust the intensity and duration of their sessions.

The Science Behind Lenire

Lenire stands as the first tinnitus treatment to undergo extensive clinical trials and earn FDA approval. Its effectiveness is backed by solid research, with 83 percent of participants in clinical studies reporting significant improvement in their tinnitus symptoms.


Improvement in Symptoms

A revolutionary ringing in the ear treatment option

Your Pathway to Tinnitus Relief With West Coast Hearing

Embarking on your Lenire treatment at West Coast Hearing begins with a comprehensive assessment by Dr. Plevack. This evaluation ensures the therapy is tailored to your specific needs, followed by a personalized fitting and ongoing support to integrate the treatment smoothly into your daily life.

Take the First Step Toward Tinnitus Relief

As an esteemed provider of Lenire in the United States, West Coast Hearing is your gateway to this pioneering tinnitus therapy. If you’re considering Lenire for your tinnitus management, connect with us to explore how this advanced treatment can be a turning point in your journey toward relief.

A senior man during Lenire® therapy session

Experience the Lenire Difference With West Coast Hearing

Discover the potential of Lenire in transforming your experience with tinnitus. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Roselynn Plevack and take the first step in reclaiming your peace and comfort from tinnitus.

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