Meet Your Local Hearing Care Experts

Lance Nelson AuD bio image

Lance Nelson, AuD.

Doctor of Audiology

Greg Frazer AuD bio image

Gregory Frazer, AuD., PhD

Doctor of Audiology

Carissa Bennet AuD bio image

Carissa Bennett, AuD.

Doctor of Audiology

Erin Rohm AuD bio image

Erin Rohm, AuD.

Doctor of Audiology

Hang Lam AuD bio image

Hang Lam, AuD.

Doctor of Audiology

Jennifer Kwast, M.A. bio image

Jennifer Kwast, M.A.

Masters in Audiology

Janna Cline-Chanes MS bio image

Janna Cline-Chanes, M.S.

Masters in Audiology

Roselynn Schroeder bio image

Roselynn Schroeder, AuD.

Doctor of Audiology

Joanna Navarro AuD bio image

Joanna Navarro, AuD.

Doctor of Audiology

Esmeralda Ortiz bio image

Esmeralda Ortiz

Patient Care Coordinator

Brenda Perego bio image

Brenda Perego

Audiology Aide

 Laura Varela bio image

Laura Varela

Patient Care Manager

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